About Me

My name is Brent Reed and I’m a clinician, educator, and researcher at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. I was trained as a pharmacist specializing in the treatment of heart failure, but I’ve grown more interested in understanding why the health care system is failing its most important asset: the people who’ve made it their mission to serve others.

Health care organizations have become increasingly complex, due in part to the growing needs of patients but also in response to other factors, such as advances in technology and regulatory requirements. Often, the solutions intended to fix these problems are implemented with little understanding of how they will impact clinicians. The resulting effect has been an epidemic of burnout, to the point that some now consider it an emerging public health crisis.

But I believe that organizational science can save health care.

The problems that clinicians face are too complicated to solve using a patchwork of hacks and workarounds. Instead, a systems-based, design-thinking approach is needed – one that starts by asking tough questions.

I hope to be a part of the solution by working with both health care leaders and frontline clinicians to address the challenges facing their organizations. Some of my specific areas of interest include engagement and burnout, leadership, team dynamics, and person-organization fit.